Worthington Glacier and a Fish Hatchery – Alaska

June 30, 2019 – We went to Worthington Glacier and hiked near it.  When we hiked, we got to see a lot of rivers, waterfalls, and rocks from the glacier.  The day was hot and windy, and the only reason I was wearing a jacket was to avoid the sun and Alaskan mosquitoes.  Aiden, Mason, and Tanner had a lot of fun playing with rocks and a small stream to create tiny waterfalls.

After, we went to Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery.  We saw a lot of salmon, gulls, seals, and a sea otter.  I saw a really cute scene between a sea otter and seagulls.  The sea otter was on its back, trying to eat a fish in peace, but the seagulls kept screeching at the sea otter and trying to steal its fish.

That day, we had also visited Maxine and Jesse Whitney Museum.  There were many stuffed animals and displays of stuff the Whitneys had collected while in Alaska in the 1900’s.  There were artifacts, Eskimo toys and clothes, and whale baleen.

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