Wongs, Paynes, and Hoffmans – Texas

Due to delays in the making of the Hoffmans’ RV and a shortage of gas where they were staying, the Hoffmans weren’t able to get to us until much later than they’d thought.  Meanwhile, we moved to Lake Conroe RV and Camping Resort in Conroe, Texas, and went to a few museums in Houston.

On May 9, we went to The Health Museum (in Houston).  The museum was had a section about diseases, one about the human body, another about bikes, and one filled with interactive brain puzzles.  There was even a real lab with professional equipment, where we got to do a few experiments.  Mason and I did one where we extracted DNA from raw wheat germ, and another where we looked at chromosomes from a fruit fly.

On May 13, we went to Buffalo Soldiers National Museum.  The buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers who fought for the US after the  Civil War.  They were given their name by Native Americans who fought in the Indian Wars.  

That same day, we went to Holocaust Museum Houston.  There, we learned about the Holocaust, heard stories from survivors, and saw art and artifacts.  We learned how Jews, along with a few other groups of people were persecuted by those who thought them less than human.  The persecutors thought of the Jews like a disease.  They wanted them killed.  Adolf Hitler shared this view and  started to bring the vision to life—creating a race of “perfect” people.  This resulted in the death of millions of people—men, women, and children alike.  They were abused, forced to work in inhumane conditions, and killed without mercy.

The Paynes (if you don’t know yet, they are a family we met while living in San Antonio) came to stay at Lake Conroe for a few days with us.  We had a lot of fun with them.  We played basketball and pickleball with them, ate together, and swam.

The Hoffmans arrived with their new RV on the day the Paynes left.  The Paynes and Hoffmans both knew about each other, and they got to meet for the first time that day.  Since it was raining, we spent the day at the RV park’s clubhouse.

In the video below, you can see pictures of the Hoffmans’ 20-foot toy hauler.