Wong Pets

Doggie Times

Chip and Ruby were born in Texas.  At a few months old, they were adopted by the Wongs, where they lived in McKinney for a bit.  After a few months, Chip, Ruby, Julius, and their people moved to San Antonio.  They lived very comfortably in their big 6 bed 4 bath house until a couple years later, when they moved into an RV.  Now they enjoy spending time in their people’s laps and couches in the RV.  They like to travel around and especially love being able to run around outside every once in a while.

Chip’s Personality: Dominant, playful, likes to bark, cuddly

Ruby’s Personality: Meek, loving, cuddly, likes to whine, playful

Chip and Ruby

Species: Dog

Breed: Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese)

Born: 2016

Occupation: Lap dogs

Kitty Times

Julius was found as a stray.  He was taken to an animal shelter, where the Wongs found him.  They took him to their home in McKinney, where he lived for a  year or so.  Later, the Wong family (pets included) moved to San Antonio, then an RV a couple years later.  Julius could possibly have been owned before, as he is super friendly and patient to some extent.  Julius was named after the Orange Julius from DQ, since he is orange and white.  He loves to sleep most of the day in non-noisy, comfortable places, such as an empty bed.  He also enjoys a good petting every once in a while, and he is very picky about his food being fresh from the container.

Julius’s Personality: friendly, likes to be pet, playful at times, likes to sleep, curious, meows to get attention


Species: Cat

Breed: Looks like short-haired Turkish Van

Born: Before 2015

Occupation: Cat napping

(aka Meowzy-D)

Species: Cat

Breed: Domestic mixed short-hair

Born: 2020

Occupation: Chasing things

Tennessee was found and taken in by the Wongs while they were staying in Tennessee.  She was stray, about one and a half months old, and playing host to a few parasites and bugs.  If she has a mother is not known, and her favorite place to relax was in the engines of vehicles.  After the Wongs rescued her, she was cleaned up and shown to the other Wong pets.  At first, Julius really didn’t like her, but Tennessee learned to get along pretty well with all the pets eventually.  Now, she is a very playful, happy kitten who will chase, pounce on, and bite anything that moves.  If there is nothing, she will imagine something.  She mostly plays all day and part of the night.  Her favorite animal to play with is Julius, and her favorite place to sleep is either on someone’s lap or on a soft blanket.  She especially enjoys chasing a piece of yarn.

Tennessee’s Personality: friendly, likes to be pet, super playful, will pounce on and bite anything, likes a good comforter or lap to sleep on every once in a while, curious