We Got a New Cat – Tennessee

We recently got a new cat, which Daddy and Mommy found in our truck’s engine.  She is only a kitten, and we cleaned her up and gave her medicine before letting her roam freely around our RV.  Right now, she is getting along pretty well with Julius, but she still needs to work things out fully with the dogs.

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  1. Feel free me what you think about my video skills. It was my first time recording and editing a Youtube video like this. Also, I updated the page Wong Pets, if you’d like to check that out.

    1. It was it was so much fun watching the video. You must have worked hard in getting just the right video shots, the music and including cute comments from all of you. Your journals of your travels that you are all so lucky to be experiencing is always interesting to read. But a video like the one you produced would add much to these memorable moments we can vicariously enjoy with you. Thanks! Well done, Kayla! Bob & Nancy Okuda

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