Uncle Mat and Family – Hawaii

Uncle Mat (Mathew Sgan) is my biggest supporter.  He has provided me with author resources and encouragement, and he says that he is very enthusiastic about me becoming an outstanding conversationalist and writer.  He is currently writing a book, and he has written others, and he loves to dance.  Uncle Mat is one of the authors in my family, but there are others.   Here are the links to his books (on Amazon):

In Hawaii, since he lives very near to the aunties (on the same property), we got to see him a lot.  The boys really enjoyed playing Scrabble with Uncle Mat.  We also got to see his two children (my first cousins once removed).  The first is Laurel, who was visiting from the mainland, and the other is David and his wife, Maile, and their two beautiful girls named Aulani and Anuhea.  David and his family live in Hawaii near Uncle Mat.


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  1. HI Kayla- I enjoyed reading about myself! Thanks for doing such a good job with the information you had.. i shared your blog with others and hope that they also appreciate your good work. One could travel the whole united states just by clicking on the sites and sights you have included. Aloha, Uncle Mat.

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