Tillamook Creamery – Oregon

The Tillamook Creamery was a really fun place to go to.  There was a self-guided tour, where we could see how the factory was packing cheese, how they get the milk, and how they make the cheese.  After the tour, we went to the tasting table and the Tillamook store.  We got a lot of ice cream and a few different cheeses.  By the way, Tillamook ice cream was (and might still be) my favorite ice cream.

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  1. That sounds like a fun trip. I had never heard of Tillamook Ice Cream before but now i will look for it at my local supermarket.

    1. One of my favorite flavors was Mountain Huckleberry, because of the fruitiness. I think I only saw Tillamook ice creams in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. I can’t remember if it was in Hawaii.

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