The Writing Process

Why write, and at such an early age?  Good question.

“If you can’t go to a certain place or experience something special, or if you can’t find the book you want, write it.”  So why did I start writing?  To me, it’s a creative, fun way to spend my time.  Usually I write because I wonder what the lives of people were years ago in different places, so I make it up based on facts.  Sometimes it’s just because a great (and sometimes totally random) idea popped into my head.  All the time, it’s because I want to glorify the one who made me, and gave me the gift of eternal life.

The Process

So I start out with this vague idea of what I want to write, then imagine what the story could include.  Then, I make sure to write a basic outline of the plot.  If I don’t do this, for some reason, my story ends up in the trash.  After I finish the outline, I make a rough draft (or more) and polish it up as much as I can.

Next: proofreading, reviews, suggestions, and more editing.  My brothers and mom play out this step, and they offer me great ways to improve my book, as well as much needed encouragement.  This whole time I was writing on my Kindle Fire, but now I have to transfer it to the computer using Bluetooth.  When it’s on the computer, I use Microsoft Word and Kindle Create to put in the finishing touches.  Finally, I can start using KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and publish it.

I fill out all the details that will show up on Amazon, submit my manuscript onto the book form, then start on the cover.  Sometimes, I use pictures I took myself, but usually I draw my own covers.  This is a whole different and fun step.  So I draw the basic cover with colored pencils, scan it in the printer to transfer it to the computer, and use a drawing app to add special effects.  Now I can submit the cover to the book form.

Sometimes I order a proof copy.  I re-read the book on paper, checking for punctuation, spelling, formatting, or other mistakes.  These I correct and resubmit the manuscript.  Most of the time I just proofread a few times using Microsoft Word.

Finally!  The last things to do are set the pricing, and submit the book form to Amazon to review.  Usually within a day, I receive a reply saying that my book is now live on Amazon.  But other times I get an email saying I need to correct a mistake (such as page numbering).

I would say the most difficult thing for me during the book process is the editing. It takes a lot of time, effort, and concentration.  It can get very tedious, especially when I get to going over the manuscript for the 5th time.  Sometimes I can get discouraged or feel lazy and not want to put the effort into editing.  But after that, I publish my book and it’s time to get excited!

KDP's Role in Publishing

Using KDP is a great way to get your books published. They make the process so simple and easy. They provide tools for making the cover, let you enroll in several programs to boost your sales, and even give you a free ISBN and ASIN.