The Mighty Pacific Ocean – California

Seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time in eight or so years was amazing.  We drove to Silver Strand State Park and arrived in the pouring rain and rough wind.  Sand mixed in the rain flew everywhere, and when I was in bed, I could feel the RV shaking and swaying in the wind.

The next morning, when everything had calmed down, we walked to the beach and enjoyed it for a bit before it started drizzling.  It was cloudy and cold the whole time we were there.

San Diego CA Silver Strand
My brothers digging in the sand

We moved to Catalina Spa and RV Resort that morning, in Desert Hot Springs, California.  It was fun staying there, because they had swimming pools (some with odorless mineral hot spring water), pickle ball and mini golf.

I got to spend my 14th birthday in California at home, where we had homemade sushi (Daddy’s a great cook) for lunch.

I also got presents.  One of the best ones was a MP4 player from Mommy and Daddy, and I put a whole bunch of music on it.

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