The Realm Audio Drama

The Realm audio drama

Finally!  It’s been about half a year since I told you all about the audio drama my brothers and I were working on.  Well, we recently finished the first episode, so here it is.  Enjoy!

A mermaid named Selena decides she doesn’t want to live in the water anymore, and since she has the ability to change her tail to legs when she goes onto land, she wants to live on a boat.  A way to grant her wish is found when she meets Max, the “world-renowned” scuba diver, and together, the three of them go on a treasure hunt to find a pearl that will give Selena a pirate ship.

There were some changes I made to what we were planning on doing.  First of all, Tanner decided not to be one of the voice actors, so characters were reduced.  I also decided to shorten how many episodes there could be, as the audio didn’t take up nearly as much time as I estimated it would.

In case you were interested in learning about the process I went through to make this audio drama, here it is:

First, I wrote the script over a relaxed period of a few months.  Then, we recorded.  I was both a voice actor and the director.  Once we finished getting all the audio I needed, I opened up Blender (a multi-purpose, free software that I use for video/audio editing), and I inserted all the scenes, sound effects, and music and edited them all together.  Once I was finished with that, I rendered (finished) the file into both an mp4 and mp3 file.  That way, I could upload it to YouTube along with the visuals, and my brothers could put the audio file onto their mp3 players.

Over this whole process, I was the producer, actor, writer, editor, and director.  All of my brothers helped me in one way or another.  Even though Tanner didn’t act, he and Aiden and Mason listened to the file before I rendered it, and they found one mistake, which I fixed.  Aiden helped me solve a problem that I had in editing.

Now, here is another thing I decided when we worked on the audio drama.  We aren’t planning on making more episodes.  Reasons for this are that conditions in our home and what we are up to now don’t fit well with recording, and Mason doesn’t really like voice acting (Mason says I’m very particular over the quality of our acting.  I take it as a compliment).  I don’t know for sure if we’ll never make another episode, but for now, I’m not planning on it.