Starting my Publishing Journey

MAY 2019

At this point of my life, I have been writing for a couple of years with the intention of one day publishing my works.  I have a small ring binder, full of college ruled lined paper, handmade separators, and a bag of pencils and notebooks.  It contains three and a half books, hand-written on the paper.  I realized that the sooner I started, the more time I would have to get known as an author, so I started thinking of publishing now.  After researching different options with the help of Mommy, I decided that self-publishing through Amazon was my best choice for now.  I got a KDP account on May 1st, a website on May 8th, and a bank account and an email somewhere in between.  

Header Image KNWBOOKS


. Publishing my books before editing and proofreading them

. Formatting my books incorrectly


. How to use the internet

. How to run a website

. How to code (a little)

. How to design a website, insert pictures, make links work, etc.

. How to format a book

. How to proofread a book

. How to design a book cover

. How to self-publish a book

. How to do research for and rewrite a book

Publishing my books before proofreading them cost me a lot.  It basically ruined my reputation as a new author, resulting in a loss of sales and interest.  However, I learned the importance of proofreading and how to properly publish a book through trial and error.  Before this, I had never really used the internet.  I didn’t even know how to search for information.  With the help of Daddy (computer expert) and Mommy, I learned how to do most of what I now know.



This is my logo.  I made it using an app on my computer called Paint.  The logo is mostly shades of blue because it is my favorite color.  The black and white represents simplicity (and also because they are some of the main colors that I wear).  The “KNW” in KNWBOOKS stands for my first, second, and last names, Kayla Naomi Wong.  I added “BOOKS” because my life is closely associated with books, and I am an author.  Mommy helped me come up with the name.  The two rectangles are a book and a bookmark.  Finally, the logo is in the shape of a circle because I prefer circles to squares because they are more gentle-looking.

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