Spending Time with Family – Hawaii

During our time in Hawaii, we spent most of our time doing things with our family.  With “the aunties,” as we affectionately call them, we spent time at their house often and also went to a bazaar at one of their churches, where we looked around and I got a big bag of clothes for only $10.  Since we were pretty nearby to them, while Daddy was at work (his office is in Hawaii, but he mainly works over the computer), we would go eat lunch with the aunties and spend time with them.  We also went to Kalihi Union Church a few times with two of the aunties.

When Daddy came over with us, we saw other family as well, and a friend, Uncle Leon (Williams), who is a very talented singer and has a great voice.  When we lived in Hawaii, we children referred to all adults as either aunty or uncle.  That is why, though not related to Uncle Leon, we call him “uncle” instead of “mister.”  I remember when we moved to Texas, I thought it was so weird that no one called everyone by those terms.

We spent a few days with Granny and Grandpa (Mommy’s parents).  Most of the time it was either in our borrowed house or their home.  Once, we went with Granny to a place that taught about Honuliuli NHS, which is still being developed for people to come look at.  It is where many Japanese people were rounded up and kept, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, which made the U.S. suspect many Japanese Americans, even though they weren’t guilty of helping the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

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