Soldotna – Alaska

On August 9, we moved to Edgewater Lodge and RV Park in Soldotna, Alaska.  The next day, we went to Jackson Gardens Nursery, where we could pick whatever fruit or vegetables we wanted then pay for them.  I really enjoyed going through the berry section, where we got tons of rasberries.  After that, we found an area off the side of a road and picked wild berries.  Watermelon berries seemed like a common occurrence in this part of Alaska.

On August 11, we went to Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, which had cool animal, bird, and ocean displays.

For dinner, we had fish and chips and some other things in Homer, Alaska.  It was an area full of shops and restaurants by the beach.  There were a lot of boardwalks and cute buildings.  We walked on the beach, in search of under-building swings (swings hanging from under the raised buildings).

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