Shasta Dam and the Natural Beauty of Northern California – California

On Tuesday, we toured Shasta Dam.  It is the second largest dam in America and has 5 engines which it uses to make energy from the flowing water.  We took an unusually fast elevator (traveling at 8mph) down to the bottom of the dam.  We had fun going through a long hallway to view the dam.  If you clap, it takes a few seconds to echo back, and that was really cool to experience.

We also went to Redwood National and State Parks in northern California.  Redwood National and State Parks contain the tallest trees on earth.  It was really neat to see such giant, majestic, old trees reaching high up into the sky.  We went on a drizzly day and hiked Leiffer Loop (0.8 miles).  The trail was short, and the forest was dense, filled with redwoods and ferns.  We saw two banana slugs for the first time.  They are yellow slugs that sort of resemble bananas.

After leaving the beautiful redwood trees, we took a quick drive to the west coast shore in Cresent City, California.  We checked out a pier with lots of sea lions.  They were all piled next to each other, “barking,” and smelling of fish and droppings.

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