Seattle – Washington

On Monday we moved to a beautiful Thousand Trails RV park in La Conner, Washington.  During our stay, we met up with another RVing family at Larrabee State Park.

Downtown Seattle

A few days later, we drove to downtown Seattle and went to Klondike Gold Rush – Seattle Unit National Historical Park.  Seattle was an important part of the Klondike Gold Rush, because it was where gold seekers stopped to get supplies for the journey to the gold fields.  It was also where ships could be taken to get to the gold fields quickly, and where merchants flocked to sell their supplies.  In the museum, displays explained the different ways people traveled to find gold, and how most merchants got richer off of the Klondike Gold Rush than the miners.

After, we went to a science museum which taught about sound, animals, energy, light, and more.

Then, we went to go look around downtown.  We saw things like the iconic Space Needle, sculptures, and a statue of Sadako, who folded 1 thousand paper cranes before dying from cancer from the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima.

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