San Francisco – California

On Sunday, we visited Pinnacles National Park.  It was formed, supposedly, by volcanoes, creating the giant pinnacles of rock.

We learned about the California Condor which used to be almost extinct, but was put into captivity in order to safely breed them.  Eventually, their numbers rose, and they were released in different parts of the world, some in Pinnacles NP.  The California Condor weighs around 20 lbs, and can have a wingspan of 9.5 ft (hence the picture of my brother with the big black “condor wings”).

Then we went on a hike that led through a cave at the Bear Gulch Nature Center.  The cave was wet, roaring with the thunder of the waterfalls inside.  There were rivers, stairs, and lots of rock.  It was really cool!

Mason's Birthday

The next Saturday, we went to four NPS sites.  The first was Muir Woods,  known for its redwoods, and a very pretty place.

The second was Marin Headlands National Park.  We got a tour of the Nike Missile Site and learned how it was built, along with a couple hundred others, as a last line of defense against Soviet bombers during the Cold War.  Surprisingly, it was run by mostly young men.  We got to see the equipment and nuclear warhead missiles.  It was a very detailed and interesting tour.

The third was Fort Point National Historic Site, a Fort built during the Civil War to guard San Francisco Bay from foreign attack.  It was later used intermittently as Army barracks.

The fourth was Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  We went to Lands End Lookout visitor center and rushed through junior ranger books because the park was closing.  We didn’t see anything except what was by the parking lot.

Here's what San Francisco is to me...

San Francisco
...funny houses
San Francico
..and lots of traffic

Just kidding – sort of.  I know this is a long post, but before you go, you might have noticed Granny in some of the pictures.  She came from L.A. and stayed with family (we visited them, but I can’t show their pictures) in San Francisco.

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