San Francisco Bay and Prison – California

On a cloudy, cool Sunday, we went down to the San Francisco Bay and visited the San Francisco Maritime Visitor Center (museum).  There were displays about the ocean, ships, and going to sea.

After, we waited for a ferry that would take us to an island in the bay – Alcatraz Island.  Alcatraz was first a military barracks, then was later turned into a prison for hard-to-manage prisoners.  After the prison was shut down, Native Americans began inhabiting the island.  We got audio tours and walked around the prison.  We learned about many of the rooms, including the cafeteria, showers, and cells, and we also learned about prisoners who lived in the cells and tried to escape, and the completely different lives of the guards and their families who lived on the island.  It was really interesting to learn about the daily lives of the inmates.

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