RV Repair and Fireworks – Arizona

 While waiting for our RV to be accepted into the shop, we did some hiking in Buckeye, Arizona.  The weather was cool and windy, but sunny, and there were lots of cacti and wildflowers.

Finally our RV could be repaired.  We rented an Airbnb and stayed there for about a week, enjoying the city and our new neighborhood’s amenities.

When our RV was finished, we moved back into it.  We went to Holt’s Shell, then a few days later, moved to a place called Southern Mesa RV Park in Yuma, Arizona.  Our family got to do fireworks in an empty area of the park.  We enjoyed them with an RV family from Canada who was one of our neighbors.  This would be the last park we stayed in in Arizona.  Next up, California!

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