Rocky Beaches – Oregon

Back in Oregon, but this time the coast, we stayed in a Thousand Trails RV park.  The weather in Seaside, Oregon was drizzly, wet, and cold for most of the days we were there.  Here are some places we went to while in the area.

Lewis and Clark National Historic Park

This is where Lewis and Clark set up camp in the winter of 1805.  They named it Fort Clatsop, after the local friendly Native American tribe, and lived here for about three months.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Park

Once a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading post, then an Army barracks, now a National Park.  We explored the fort, and then went to the Pearson Air Museum, which is managed by the NPS system as part of the Fort Vancouver NHP.

Fort Stevens State Park - the Russel Battery

Beaches, Kites, and Sightseeing

Since the beaches were so windy and open, they were the perfect place to fly kites.  We went to a kite shop full of kites.  There were single-stringed ones, double-stringed ones, animal-shaped ones, and more.  Aiden chose a double-stringed kite, and we flew it at a lot of different beaches in Oregon.  The other pictures are of elk, woods, and mountains.

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