The Kingdoms Series

Searching for a Princess

1st book in the Kingdoms series

The prince’s father has died, predicting the coming of a witch who would put a spell on the people of the kingdom. Now it is up to James, the new king in place of his father, to break that spell and save the people. James must find a princess with seven special qualities. Meanwhile, the witch tries as hard as she can to ruin James’ plans. James had promised his dying father to find the princess and succeed, but will he?


Searching for a Princess Amazon

Searching for the Prince

2nd book in the Kingdoms series

James and Eleanor’s son has gone missing!  He has been kidnapped by a wizard!  Now James and his faithful knight must go on a journey to find him, but their task is more difficult than they thought.  Will they succeed?  Or will the wizard murder John first?

Searching for the Prince Amazon

These are short chapter books full of adventure and fun. They are ideal for ages 6 to 12 (beginner to intermediate readers).

First Released on May 15, 2019

Searching for a Princess

Searching for the Prince

The story behind the Books

These two books started out as school assignments.  The point of the assignments was to write a short story.  Soon after, I decided to turn them into short books, adding in more details and points to the plot.