About the Book

Life in the mountains as a ninja is not easy. When Sakuratoro, a legendary bandit feared by all, tries to wipe out all the ninjas from the face of the mountains, Kenimoto, a young man and son of the leader of the ninjas, must fight to save his and his friends’ lives. Kenimoto learns what true courage and bravery is as he faces fear, enemies, and the constant threat of death.

First Published on February 2020

The Story Behind the Book

I started this book when I was around thirteen years of age.  Ninjas of the Mountains started as a short mystery story that I wrote for a school assignment.  It was originally a few pages long, but I did some research, changed and added to the plot, and changed the character’s names.

Different Formats

Ninjas of the Mountains is a historical fiction book that is great for children.  Note: Contains mild violence and cases of death.

Favorite book of Tanner Wong, 9, my youngest brother