Lyle's Revenge

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The men of Aralyn’s village come home from a raid, bringing bad news with them: her father is dead. The chief’s son, Michael, decides to marry Ara. They live a perfectly normal life until Ara goes to another village to see her cousin, Lyle. At first, his intentions are good, and his ways are civil, but when Ara does not give Lyle what he wants, he becomes a criminal.

First Released on September 18, 2019

The Story Behind the Book

The first book I ever wrote, Lyle’s Revenge was written when I was around twelve years old.  I had done basically no research, so when I rewrote it a couple of years later, I had to look up a lot of things on the internet.

Different Formats

A historical fiction book about vikings’ families and war life, ideal for children ages 7 and up.