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From the Back Cover

Enticing haiku poems for poem-lovers, these poems are not your typical haiku poems.  Though they vividly describe different elements of nature, some are made up of multiple haiku, making the sum of syllables to be more than the usual seventeen.  Weather, plants, and animals make their place in this delightful book.

First Released on May 19, 2019

The Story Behind the Book

For school, I was told to write a few poems of haiku.  After coming up with a few ones which I really liked, I decided that I liked writing haiku and would want to write one on nature and different seasons.  Also, since I thought that haiku is too short to express everything that I wanted to, I invented my own form of haiku and wrote poems that were composed of one or more standard haiku.

Different Formats

I’d recommend this for anyone who loves poems or nature.  These are relaxing to read.