Level 3 Subscriber

$20.00 / month

Support me and earn perks in return. As a level 3 subscriber, you will receive all of the level 1 and 2 benefits plus:

● Extra material not included in books: Extra scenes and dialogue will be sent to you when available*.

● Character interviews: Every two months, I will interview a character either from one of my published books, or from one of my works in progress. You will have access to all previous character interviews.

● Special unreleased songs: This is the unicorn of the subscriber program. Whenever I create a special, unreleased song, you will be the only people who will (ever) have access to it.

● Weekly video updates: Every week, you get a short video update on my life and what I did that week. Videos are only available for that week, and after that time is up, they’re gone forever.

Level 2 benefits include:

● Exclusive Q&A’s: Join the forum in the “ask me anything” section and…well, ask me anything. Every month, I will compile a list of these questions and answer them. This is related to community (check below). You will be able to view all previous Q&A’s as well.

● Access to the KNWBOOKS community: Beta read early versions of upcoming books(s)*, connect with other fans, and debate topics related to what I write.

● Polls related to my books will be posted in the community, and as a member, you will be able to vote and comment. You will have the chance to vote on things like character names, book blurbs, and plot twists*.

● BTS library: See what my life is like behind the scenes. This includes a tour of my writing space, short videos of our pets, and longer videos of what my writing looks like. Also included are blog posts with behind the scenes content.

Level 1 benefits include:

● Access to the author library: With the author library, you will have access to all of my published books in pdf form. This includes all of my old books, as well as any new ones that are published in the future. You will be able to read all of my books for free, for as long as you are a subscriber.

● Short stories from me + access to all previously written short stories: Each short story ranges from 500 to 1,500 words. I add a new one to the author library once a month. As a level 1 subscriber, you will get to read all previously published ones, as well as get a new one every month.

● Early access to book snippets and cover reveals*

*when available

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