Petroglyph, El Malpais, and El Morro – New Mexico

While in  New Mexico, we got to visit a few National Monuments.  First we went to Petroglyph, with its many rock carvings covering rocks along the trails.  We hiked a trail up to a mesa, a flat mountain, and got a grand view of the surrounding land and a neighborhood.

A few days later we visited El Malpais and El Morro.  We got to learn about the Pacific Crest Trail and look out a gigantic window at El Malpais’ spacious visitor center; drive along a super, super bumpy road known as the “Chain of Craters” (quite understandably why); and hike a short trail at El Morro.

Oh, and we also had the chance of almost stepping on a baby rattlesnake, but thankfully it rattled before we could.  When it was sure it was safe, it slithered off the path.  Hint: watch the video below in full screen to see the snake more clearly.