National Historic Sites and Idaho – Washington

The next week, we moved to Horn Rapids RV Park in Richland, Washington.  The weather was cloudy and chilly.  We went to Whitman Mission NHS, where the Native Americans and white people fought.

The Whitmans started a mission along the Oregon Trail and tried to convert the Native Americans to Christianity.  The Whitmans, trappers, explorers, and missionaries unintentionally brought death to the tribe with sickness, killing nearly half of them.  The Native Americans decided that they needed to save themselves, but would have to kill the Whitmans who were living among them.

After, we visited two places nearby, right across the Idaho border.  First, we went to Hell’s Gate State Park, then we went to Nez Perce National Historic Site.  The first was more of a recreational area, and at the second, we learned about the Nez Perce Native Americans (what they ate, what they wore, and how they used tools).

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