Mount Rainier – Washington

We moved to Silver Creek, Washington.    The next day, we went to Mount Rainier National Park with Opa, Oma, and other family.  We started at the visitor center, where it was cool and everything was green.  We hiked Trail of the Shadows (by the Longmire Museum), which was 0.7 miles long.  It led through a forest, marshy ground, and by mineral springs and a cabin.  At that time, there was no precipitation.

Later, we started going up the mountain to see places and trails.  The farther up we ascended, the colder the weather got.  First, it started as sleet, then there was snow.

There were lots of pine trees, and we saw robins, a Stellar’s Jay, a duck, a chipmunk, and a very cute fox.  Although we were at Mount Rainier NP, we never actually saw Mount Rainier because it was foggy.

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