More Fun in Zanesville – Ohio

On January 16, we went to The Works, which is a museum in Newark, Ohio, with interactive exhibits on science, the history of the area, and other things.  The museum had cool simulators, two car simulators, and one airplane simulator.  For a lot of the time, us four kids used the car driving simulators, which really challenged our attention and reflex skills while driving.

There was a glassblowing demonstration, where a glassblower with 40 years of experience demonstrated to us how he makes a glass olive oil dispenser.  We watched him take molten glass onto a metal rod, make it expand, and shape it into a bottle.  He even added colored pieces of glass and texture to the bottom half of the bottle.  It was very cool to watch.

Also, we went to the planetarium show, where we watched a show on other planets and galaxies.  According to the show, scientists are trying to find another planet like Earth that can support life, but haven’t been able to yet, given that Earth is such a unique planet, and it has so many factors that make it able to support life.  Earth is just the perfect distance from our sun, is able to trap the perfect amount of heat to sustain life, and has the perfect atmosphere, air, and temperature.  No other planet has been found that has the same conditions.  I think this shows just how intricate our world is.  This proves just how precisely God has planned everything, making Earth just the right place for humans to live.

Before going to the museum, we went to a restaurant called Skorpios Gyros (for lunch), which had Greek food:

Another day, we went to Russo’s Wood Fired Pizza and ate pizza for lunch:

Of course, in all these places, they were taking precautions to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, including wearing masks, using plexiglass, wiping/cleaning everything, and only letting a certain amount of people into closed spaces at one time.