More Battlefields of the Civil War – Mississippi

On March 9, we went to an escape room at Escapology.  The room was called “Antidote,” and it was made to look like a scientist’s lab.  We started the escape room off with a short introductory movie, which told the story of how the scientist has been developing deadly viruses, and you are investigating his lab.

In the process of investigating, you accidentally knock down and crack open a vial of the deadly virus.  You are supposed to find the antidote and key to unlock the room, because the lab has gone into lockdown and will kill any living organisms in an hour.

Then, the timer started, and we began to hunt around the room.  There were actually three rooms of the “lab.”  We started in the first and had to find codes to open each room.  Clues were hidden around the room, in files of fake people, on a periodic table of elements, in test tubes of colored liquid, in the weight of fake bottles of medicine, etc.  In the second room, there was a rubber alien-like figure on a table which freaked me out when I first saw it (I thought it was a person).  We finished the escape room with only 28 seconds left on the timer.

On March 15, we moved to Cross City RV Park in Corinth, Mississippi.  On the way, we stopped at multiple NPS sites visitor centers.  There was Shiloh National Military Park, Tupelo National Battlefield, and Brices Crossroads National Battlefield Site.  All were about battles fought during the Civil War.  in one of the pictures below, you can see piles of granite blocks with names of battles fought during the civil war.  The bigger the block, the more casualties there were for that battle.  There was a small waterfall above the blocks and a pool below them.