Manhattan Project – Washington

We went to the Manhattan Project B Reactor in Hanford, Washington on a cold, cloudy, windy day.  We went to the visitor center, and a bus picked us up there.  Then, we drove about 45 minutes away to the actual site through security.  The bus was very nice.  It had super soft seats, lights, adjustable air conditioner vents, and overhead baggage compartments.

The Manhattan Project is where the US made plutonium for atomic bombs, two of which were dropped on Japan and helped to end World War II.  We got to see the factory that they used to make the plutonium, and learned how they would’ve shut off the machinery in case of emergency.  To build the place and keep it secret, the US had to force the farmers and families off of their land and out of the area.  Here are some pictures of the factory, displays, and really cool control room.

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