Land of Glaciers, Waterfalls, and Beautiful Scenery – Alaska

On May 31st, we started on our way to Alaska.  Over a period of three days, we drove to Skagway.  The views were very pretty, as more lush vegetation appeared, and pointy mountains capped with snow or glaciers started to become more frequent.

Beautiful Views from the Car

On June 2nd, we arrived in Skagway, Alaska.  We stayed at Garden City RV Park and Laundromat, in the middle of a small town with historic areas.


Cool things about Alaska that I noticed:

  • giant mosquitoes
  • lot of glaciers and waterfalls
  • around 75 degrees F because it was summer
  • Basically everyone wears boots if they are smart.  XTRATUF boots are popular and good quality.
  • Stays bright all day in some weeks of summer, so we had to get window covers

We went to Klondike Gold Rush NHP, but the one in Alaska.  This one was a bit different than the one in Washington.  It was more focused on the different paths gold seekers could take to get to the gold fields.  Skagway used to be a town which gold seekers stopped at.

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