Kayaking in Glacier Lake – Alaska

On Saturday, we went to Valdez Glacier Lake.  The lake was pretty big, filled with icebergs which had come from the Valdez Glacier.  The weather was cool but sunny, so we got out our blow up rowboat and kayak, assembled them, and took them into the lake.  We had fun navigating through the icy water and icebergs as we made our way towards the glacier at the end of the lake.  After a few hours, we reached the glacier’s foot, carefully got onto the glacier, and dragged out boat and kayak up onto the rocks.  The glacier was basically a mountain of ice covered in rocks, with water streaming down it.  We hiked on it for some time and checked out its different features.  There were holes in the ice caused by it melting, mini waterfalls, and tiny streams.  After, we started heading back to land, this time quicker because of the direction of the waves.  On the way, we stopped to take a hike up a mountain, because we had spotted the trail.  It was so steep in some areas, that a rope had been placed so that you could grab onto it as you climbed.  Oh, and don’t forget the giant Alaskan mosquitoes!

When we got back, we children continued using the kayak near land, exploring between the icebergs.  After everyone had gotten enough time, we packed up the boats (but dried them first) and went to Chugach National Forest.  At the visitor center, we looked at a waterfall and river, as well as displays with stuffed animals in them.

Finally, for dinner, we ate at a place near the ocean.  People had been fishing, so there was a lot of fish cleaning and seagull screaming going on.  The seagulls were very excited to get the guts of the fish.  Some people had caught halibut, which are very big white fish that generally live in deeper areas of the ocean.

And now, here is a slideshow of all the things we did on June 29:

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