Joshua Tree National Park – California

While still in Desert Hot Springs, we went to Joshua Tree National Park.  A place meant to preserve desert plants, Joshua Tree hosts a variety of plants, animals, and piles of giant rocks.  But the most iconic plant of the park is the Joshua Tree.Joshua Tree NPWe hiked a bit, but most of the time we climbed.  While Mommy and Daddy sat or walked, us four children climbed the big rock piles.  There were tunnels, mini caves, tight passages, and bushes to navigate through.  We played hide-and-seek and explored.  We tried to climb very high up, but it was a little dangerous because of how steeply some rocks were angled.  There were a lot of rock climbers.  We even got to climb the same rock pile as them (though not as high up because we didn’t have gear of course).





On the way back home, we stopped by at the Salton Sea.  The “sea” is really a lake that was caused by flooding when the Colorado River was diverted to help irrigate land.  It now has very high salinity levels because there is no way for water to escape.  It can only evaporate, leaving behind all the salt.  Because that, many species of fish in the lake have died.  When we visited, I found that the sand was really shells and bones of fish.  The lake smelled of rotting fish, but it was pretty to look at.

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