Ice Skating – Canada

On May 13th, we Moved to Canada.  To be exact, we went to an RV park called Burnaby Cariboo in Burnaby, in the province British Columbia.  While in the area, we went to Burnaby Village Museum, Granville Island and an ice skating rink.

Burnaby Village Museum

Here, we walked around the village, looking at and going into buildings which would’ve been used historically.  We went into a drugstore, grocery store, train, house, and some other places.  In the house, we got to try freshly-made butter on crackers.

Granville Island

Ice Skating

I hadn’t gone ice skating since I was little, in Hawaii.  It was as if I were  ice skating for the first time.  We got our skates first, after the people playing hockey were done.  Not knowing the difference, I got figure skates, while the boys got hockey ones.  We put on our skates, got helmets, and stepped onto the ice.  I was not expecting what came next.  If you know anything about figure skates, you know that unlike hockey skates, they have brakes on the front.  Thus, if you lean forward a little too much, you stop.  I tried to ice skate at first how I would rollerblade.  At first, I kept on tripping because of the brakes, but after figuring it out, I loved it.

Reasons to like Canada

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Ice skating rinks are everywhere
  • Good Houseboating places
  • Poutine

Reasons to dislike Canada

  • Wifi didn’t work well for me, an American

(If you don’t understand some of these, please be patient and wait for the next posts, which will explain them.)

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