Ice Museum and More – Alaska

On Sunday, we visited Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve visitor center.  It was protected to maintain the wild and natural qualities of the area, let people enjoy it as it is, and protect the animals living in the area.  There was a cute fake log cabin and display of salmon (also fake), as well as stuff about Nunamiut Eskimos.  We met a very nice ranger named Magali Vincent who helped us to learn more about the area.

After, we went to the Fairbanks Ice Museum.  There were sculptures of many things, including animals, vehicles, an igloo, and an ice slide.  My favorite was the igloo, I think, although the slide looked fun (my brothers used it), and the snowmobile was cool.  The ice sculptor’s name was An, Zhe, also known as Andy.  At the end of the tour, he did a demonstration of how to carve ice and color it.

Lastly, we went to Pioneer Park, a historical town.  There was a train there that we rode and displays of old objects and vehicles.  We coincidentally met Magali Vincent again at the park, this time dressed in much brighter clothes than the park ranger’s uniform we had seen her in earlier that day.