I Got a KNWBOOKS Shirt Made by a Relative

March 2020 – My aunt, Kristy Ehrenheim, made me a unique, custom shirt with the KNWBOOKS logo on it.  She created the sticker of my logo using a Silhouette machine, and I got to help.  First, we downloaded my logo.  Then, we got the machine to cut the logo out on heat transfer vinyl.  Finally, we ironed it onto the back of a white shirt (which happened to fit me perfectly).

Aunty Kristy was really fun to be with because she is creative and enjoys doing a lot of things that I do, such as crafts and music.  Thank you, Aunty Kristy, for making this shirt for me.

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  1. You’re a quick learner! The stars do shine brighter when you’re around!!! I’m excited for your future! I am so proud of how fast you picked up the designer program used to send cutting instructions to make your shirt. Mad props to you!!!! Let’s make more!!!!

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