I Did InkTober

I did InkTober 2022. Now, I’m not an artist or anything, but I do enjoy graphic design, and anything that involves creativity is interesting to me. I’ve done some digital art here and there, and after a friend told me about the drawing challenge, I decided to take it up.

About InkTober

InkTober is a challenge that promotes creativity, consistency, and fun. It’s sort of like the NaNoWriMo for artists, but it’s a much easier challenge that is more relaxed. You can customize the challenge to how you want to do it, as there are many options.

  • draw whatever you want OR follow the official prompt list
  • use ink and paper (which is the traditional way) OR draw on a computer (slash use whatever medium you want)
  • draw one thing every day for 31 days OR draw 31 drawings over the course of October

Really, the point of the challenge is to allow people to explore drawing and have fun. The rules are meant to be bent, and the official InkTober prompt list changes every year, so things never get boring.

My InkTober Experience

I chose to do InkTober following these rules:

  • Follow the official 2022 InkTober prompt list—I wasn’t super strict with myself, but I drew things inspired by the prompt words
  • Draw digitally—I use my computer and mouse pad.
  • Create one drawing every day—Over the course of October, I created 31 drawings
  • Post my drawings on Pinterest to share with others—You can see everything I drew and the descriptions for each piece. Posting on social media kind of held me accountable.

How It Went

I did stay up a few nights real late to complete drawings, but other than that, InkTober 2022 was fairly relaxed for me. I found the challenge enjoyable. I got to draw things I wouldn’t have otherwise, explore realms of art I don’t usually traverse, and find subjects and vibes I didn’t know I liked. A few of my favorite digital art pieces have come out of InkTober. Check out the video below to see everything I made.


I enjoyed InkTober. This was my first time doing it, and I found it to be more casual/relaxed than I’d first imagined it would be. Will I be doing it again next year? Maybe. It depends on what I’m doing then, but I’m leaning towards yes.

Did you do InkTober? What do you think of this challenge? Tell me in the comments below, and until next time, happy reading!

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