Houston Founder’s Day – Alaska

We moved to Houston, Alaska on August 17th to dry camp in Little Sustina River Campground.  We went to Whittier, Alaska in the morning and looked around.  There were two caribou (reindeer) behind a fence, which we fed grass through the holes.  They were brown, with velvet antlers which were shedding.  We also went through a cool pedestrian tunnel that led under the road.

Later, we went back to Houston (near our campground) to the Houston Fire Department where the Houston Founder’s Day event was being held.  There were pie-eating contests, free balloons, egg-throwing contests, hatchet throwing, BB gun shooting, fire dancing, “sword fighting,” and more.  We participated in a few, but my favorite was the fire dancing.  Very talented people danced with objects on fire.  Some juggled lit torches, while one person used some sort of hula hoop that had fire at different points, and there were people who had guns which shot out fire.  For dinner, the town of Houston served free hot dogs, burgers, chips, drinks, and dessert.  We stayed pretty late and had a lot of fun.

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