Houseboating Trip – Canada

On Monday, May 27th, we moved to Whispering Pines RV Park.  The next day, we we went to Shuswap lake.  At the lake, we loaded a bunch of things – food, clothes, personal belongings, etc. – onto a houseboat we rented.  The houseboat was called the Highlander.  The Highlander had two decks, three bedrooms, a back porch, and two steering/control panels.  At the top deck, we had a hot tub and slide.

The lake had lots of mountains around it, covered in pine and fir trees and an occasional waterfall breaking the line.  The weather was warm and sunny in the day, and cold at night.  The first day, we traveled for about five hours to get to Steamboat Bay.  There, we secured the houseboat to land and had dinner around a campfire.

On the way, we stopped by the Sea Store, literally a store floating on the water, to get spices for hamburgers.

The next morning, after a breakfast of waffles with butter and syrup, we went on a 3-mile (add or take some) hike with our dogs.  We climbed a mountain, saw waterfalls and rivers, walked through a lot of forest, and were swarmed by mosquitoes.

The next day, we drove the Highlander to Mara Lake and stayed there for a night, before driving back to the marina and returning the boat.  At Mara Lake, we swam in the lake and hot tub.

Curious...and Sleepy Julius

Happy Chip and Ruby

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  1. Kayla- Sounds like fun except for mosquitoes. Also how did everyone manage to stay in that pool.
    Canada is, except in July -August, so BRRR to me.

    Got to hand it to your folks. They know how to enjoy a trip- including a floating store., spicy hamburgers, and a Highlander boat with a hot tub with a slide no less. Here we are all isolated while you guys are cruising Lake Mara. Aloha, Uncle Mat

    1. Actually, this happened last year. I recently started this blog, and I wanted to start from the beginning, so I am a bit behind. I’m sorry, it’s a bit confusing, but you can tell by the dates. I change the dates a few days after posting (to the correct day), because, otherwise, no one would get notifications of new posts. Today, we are in Tennessee, waiting on places to open up because of COVID-19. I hope to be up to date in a few months. Again, sorry for the confusion.

      The water of the lake was cold, but after swimming, we got used to it. Also, we took turns using the hot tub. Usually it was just 2-4 kids.

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