Hot Springs – Canada

On September 2, we moved to Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada.  On the way there, we saw a black bear and lots of bison on the side of the road.  We dry camped at the park for a night.

Also, on the way, we stopped at a sign forest.  It is a place with lots of wooded poles, where anyone can nail their signs, license plates, etc. up.

The next morning, we walked on the boardwalk to go to the hot spring.  It was natural and big, with two parts.  One side was very hot, because that’s where the hot water was coming from, while the other was warm, and it went into a narrow opening filled with logs and plants.  My brothers enjoyed using the logs as floaties.  Strangely, to me, the hot spring smelled like ramen with cabbage and spam (bitter, hot, and salty).  I am pretty sure that no one else agreed with me.

After going to the hot spring, we moved to a campground near Duhu Lake (in British Columbia, Canada).

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