Hot Air Balloon Festival – New Mexico

After visiting a small church in Alamogordo, we drove to Ruidoso with our trailer in tow.  Ruidoso was in a higher elevation, with beautiful trees and weather.  We stayed at Arrowhead Motel and RV Park.

After 6 days we decided to dry camp (camping in our RV without water, sewer, or electric), so we moved to Cave Canyon Campground, and visited Fort Stanton during our stay, which lasted one day.  Fort Stanton had lots of historic buildings, as well as a stable and two horses.  We got to feed them hay and grass.

The next day we moved to Dancing Eagle RV Park, right by a casino, in Casa Blanca, NM, somewhat near to Albuquerque.  It was the week of the hot air balloon festival, so of course we went!  There were educational balloon displays and game, NASA things for kids, food booths, but sadly no hot air balloons.

hot air balloon festival nm

Wait, a hot air balloon festival without hot air balloons?!!  Yes, sadly, the wind was too strong that day to fly the balloons, so we didn’t get to see them (unless you count the deflated ones lying on the ground).  However, we did have a lot of fun enjoying the free displays, games, and food samples.