Horse Riding – Montana

The areas of Montana that we were in were more country, cowboy, and horses than I had imagined.  On one day, while staying at Sawtelle Mountain Resort, we went horse riding.  Since we were basically first time riders, the situation was convenient for us.  At the place, we were helped onto our horses, taught how to control the horse with the rein, and led on a ride through a woodsy area.  My horse seemed to be well trained to carry such a bad rider as me.  He was stubborn, actually, and refused to listen to me.  He just followed the trail and mostly ignored when I tried to turn him, stop him, or make him go faster.

At one point, I was able to make my horse go fast, and I discovered how truly bad at sitting on a horse I was.  As the horse broke into a trot, I bounced up and down on his back.  It was almost like flying.  He caught on quickly that trotting wasn’t working and slowed to a walk.  My brothers, Aiden and Mason, were much better at controlling their horses, or perhaps the horses were more willing to obey, and they enjoyed staying behind a bit, then racing past everyone at a decent speed.  In the end, I enjoyed the experience, and I appreciated my horse’s ability to patiently put up with me.  Also, at the place, there was a lake with boats and paddle boards, which we got to use for free.

On another day, we went to Jackson Hole in Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park.  Grand Teton is known for its pointy peaks (“tetons”) and scenery, such as lakes, meadows, forests, and rapids.  We went to its visitor center and a lake there.

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