Hiking, Mountains, and Caves – Arizona

The day after moving to Fort Willcox RV Park in Willcox, Arizona, we visited Fort Bowie NHS.  It included a 3-mile roundtrip hike to the visitor center and ruins.  Fort Bowie, for a long time, was a place of military operations, and has ruins of old buildings that used to be there and interpretive signs.

wongs at fort bowie
Wong family at Fort Bowie

The next morning we went to Chiricahua NM.  It was established as a National Monument mainly to preserve the wonderful geological features, especially the rocks.

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

Echo Canyon Trail

Though tired from the previous day’s hikes, we decided to hike at Coronado NM the next day.  They were short and in two totally different landscapes.

Windmill Trail

Coronado Cave Trail

Made a memorial because Coronado’s expedition passed by the area in their quest for the mythical 7 Cities, the place is mostly grasslands and hills, also with a small hidden cave.