Halloween, Go Kart Racing, and More – Hawaii


For Halloween, we did three things:

1. We went to a “trunk-or-treat” event with Grandma and Grandpa at Kailua Shopping Center, where there was free candy, popcorn, and cotton candy for anyone.

2.  We went to Daddy’s work place, where all his co-workers were dressed up.  Each department had a different theme of dress-up.  Daddy was his own department, so we wore whatever we wanted.  Daddy dressed up as Anonymous, Mommy wore cat ears, I wore Mommy’s graduation dress and leis, and Aiden, Mason, and Tanner dressed up as people from Avengers.  At the office, I got to meet some of the people working there, who were very friendly, and we ate snacks and lunch there.  Some departments were dressed as Princesses (with a twist), characters from the movie Inside Out, and old ladies.

3.  We went trick-or-treating (and gave out candy) in Grandma and Grandpa’s neighborhood.  We got four small buckets overflowing with candy.  It was so much, that, before leaving Hawaii, we had to choose a small portion of candy to take home, because we couldn’t fit it all in our suitcases.

More with Grandma and Grandpa

At Grandma’s house, we made glitter ornaments with her, and she made us stickers for our water bottles.

On another day, we went to Manoa Chocolate Hawaii,  a chocolate factory (that isn’t actually in Manoa).  We got to taste a lot of different chocolates and drink chocolate tea for free, then we bought some chocolate bars.  They were kind of expensive, but they were good quality ones.  Being me, I chose the lavender chocolate bar (lavender is a favorite of mine).

On November 5, we went Go Kart racing at K1 Speed.  It was my first time, and we had lots of fun.  That same day, we also looked around at Aulani (a Disney Resort and Spa), which is very fancy.  There was cool landscaping, as well as shops, entertainment, and decor.

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