Grant-Kohrs Ranch – Montana

For 8 days, we had been dry camping, meaning that we were living without water, sewer, or electricity hookups.  Instead, we stopped every couple of days to fill up our freshwater tanks and dump our black water ones at an RV dump station.  We also used solar instead of electricity.

We went to Glacier National Park, which protects mountains, valleys, glaciers, trails, and over 1,000 square miles of wilderness.  We stopped at the visitor center for a while and drove on an uphill road where we saw animals and the scenery below.

After, we visited Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site.  It is a place that commemorates the cattle industry, and still has animals there.  When we went, we learned about some things, including animal branding, and a woman who worked there gave Daddy and Mommy coffee cooked over a campfire.

Lastly, we went to Big Hole National Battlefield.  It is one of the places where the Nez Perce and U.S. fought.  The Nez Perce were mostly peace-loving and wanted to be able to live on the land without being treated badly by Americans, so they started to flee to Canada, where they believed that they would be treated differently and not be forced onto reservations.  However, the U.S. army was chasing them.  The whole war had stemmed from a group of Nez Perce refusing to give up their land.  Americans had been treating them badly and getting into disputes over land.  Some Nez Perce were killed, and later, a band of Nez Perce killed a few white  men.  The U.S. then considered the Nez Perce enemies, and the war started.

Big Hole is where the U.S. army took the Nez Perce by surprise.  Many men were killed on both sides, as well as Nez Perce women and children, and in the end, the Nez Perce were able to escape.  The war, however, was not over.

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