Going Back to the State where I was Born – Hawaii

During our first stay in Texas since getting back, we were working on emptying our storage (where everything from our old house that we had kept was), and we visited our friends quite a bit.  Among them was Maya Garcia Young Jordan, who I asked to help illustrate The Gospel in Poems.

On October 16, we drove down to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and stayed overnight at another friends’ house.  In the morning, we went to the airport and flew to Hawaii.

The flight was pretty long, but we were served food and drinks (which we didn’t expect), and we were able to play games and watch movies on the screens in front of us (which we also didn’t know there was going to be).  I think I watched three or four movies on the flight.

When we got to Hawaii and stepped out of the plane, I was hit with Hawaii’s humidity and heat.  We saw Granny and Grandpa (Mommy’s parents) after we got a rental car.

After that, we went to the house that Grandpa and Grandma (Daddy’s side of the family) had provided for us.  Since Hawaii is so expensive, most people can’t afford AC’s.  The house we stayed in had AC’s in the two bedrooms, which we ran at night, but the rest of the house was warm, being cooled only be the open windows.  I probably drank five times the amount of water I do in Hawaii than I do on the mainland/lower 48 states.

What was really nice was that Grandpa and Grandma had equipped the house for us with bath supplies, mattresses, and kitchen supplies.  They came over for dinner along with my aunt, Crissy (who is an excellent sewer and gave me a bag she had made).

That day, we also saw out great aunts (we just call them aunty…), to pick up a car that a friend had lent to us for Daddy to take to work.

Another thing about Hawaii is that driving takes super long.  Just to go a few miles can take half an hour.  This is because of traffic – the slow-moving, seemingly never-ending sort of traffic.  However, Hawaii has very beautiful mountains, oceans, and plants.

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