Crater Lake and Oregon Caves- Oregon

On Mommy’s birthday, we went to Crater Lake National Park.  It was snowy and  cold.  We hiked Raven Ski Trail, since the road up to the lake was closed.  The trail was fairly steep and icy, because so many people had packed down the snow with their walking.  Fir and pine trees were all around us, sticking out of the snow, and I saw a small white and gray bird.  I would say that the trail was moderately challenging.

Crater Lake was formed when Mount Mazama erupted and exploded so violently that its top collapsed inwards, creating a deep basin – Crater Lake.  It filled with snow and rainfall over the years to make a 1,949 foot deep lake, the deepest lake in the US.  Since the only source of water to Crater Lake is snow and rain, the water is clear and very blue when reflecting a clear blue sky.

We also visited Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve in southern Oregon.  We just stopped by to do junior ranger books because there was an entrance fee to see the caves.  Usually, National Parks do not charge for seeing the park, but this one had a paid tour of the cave.  It was about 32 degrees outside (you can see the snow), and it started sleeting when we left.

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