Contacts – Arizona

While in Arizona, I got contacts at a Walmart.  First, they did an eye exam on me to get an updated eye prescription.  I got shot with air in both eyes, used another machine by it, and read off an eye exam chart.  It took a few tries to get the air in correctly, since my eyes are sensitive.

Then, when the eye doctor had figured out what contacts to give me, he put numbing drops in my eyes and tried to put both contacts in my eyes.  Unfortunately, he could only get one in (my eyes were trying very hard to keep out a foreign object), so I did the other one.  Also, there was a mirror right in front of me, and when the doctor opened my eye super wide, I saw my face and couldn’t help laughing.

It took about two hours to get the other contact in, then take both out.  I learned how to keep them clean and free of particles, and the doctor gave me two trial pairs of contacts.  Contacts seemed like a miracle – like having perfect eyesight again, and not having glasses in the way.

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