Clams, Crabs, and Beaches – Washington

We went to Olympic National Park on a slightly cold day which warmed up as it got to afternoon.  We went to the visitor center first and walked a short trail, then went to Rialto Beach.  Daddy, my brothers, and I walked down the beach.  Near the end, there were lots of logs then boulders covering the ground, and it was fun to climb over these.

Later in the week, we went to a beach and went clamming.  Spouts of water, some many feet high shot from the sand, alerting us as to where the calms were.  Then, Aiden would dig them out of the sand.  We got a few geoduck clams, some small ones, and one crab.  Unfortunately, when we tried to cook them, they still had sand in them, and we had to throw them away.  Aiden and Mason ate the crab, however, because it was still good.

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