Back in Ohio to Stay – Indiana and Ohio

“Back in Ohio to stay…wait, did she write stay?”  Yes, I did.  As a matter of fact, we are planning to stay in or near Zanesville, Ohio, by our friends, the Hoffmans (I wrote about them in this post).  Some reasons for this choice is wanting to fellowship with likeminded believers in Christ and to share the good news of the Gospel with people in this area.  But more on that later.

On the way to Zanesville, we stopped at George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in Vincennes, Indiana.  George Clark was the older brother of the famous William Clark (if you don’t know who that is, maybe the phrase “Lewis and Clark” will trigger your memory).  George Clark is known mostly for his success in gaining the Northeast territory for America, from the British.

In the late 1700’s, the British claimed land west of the Appalachian Mountains and proclaimed that no one should settle in the land there.  When settlers did not listen, and the Revolutionary War was intensifying, the British sent Native American groups to fight the disobedient people.  As a result, George Clark took a party of Kentucky militia to fight back where the raids were happening the most.  This went on for a while, but when Clark learned that the British would be attacking in the spring, he organized a group of tough, persistent Americans and Frenchmen to travel through the freezing, flooded lands of Illinois to get to the British fort of Hamilton, believed to have been where the park now is – Indiana.  They captured the fort, the British surrendered, and the British had been stopped from achieving their goal of stopping Americans from gaining the Northwest.

The park had a very tall memorial that was circular, made of granite.  According the the NPS website, it is 80 feet tall, 90 feet wide, and the walls are two feet thick.  Steps led to the memorial’s inside, where a statue of Clark stood, just a bit taller than he was in real life, and seven murals painted on Belgium linen lined the walls, depicting Clark’s mission.  The memorial was completed in 1933.

We took much longer than we’d expected to get to the Hoffman’s house, due to traffic, bumpy roads, and construction.  We arrived around 10 o’clock, but we took long to park.  The neighborhood had steep streets and narrow roads lined with vehicles, which made it difficult to navigate the area.  We got stuck a few times, had to ask neighbors to move their vehicles, and in the end, we couldn’t make it into the Hoffmans’ driveway.  The neighbors were really nice and accomodating, and the people at the bar down the road offered to move their vehicles out of a parking lot so we could park there.  We parked, but the space was too unlevel to take out our slides, so we stayed in the Hoffmans’ house for the night.

The next day, we moved to Campers Grove RV Park in Hopewell, Ohio, about 10 minutes away from the Hoffmans.  We are here right now (check the published date at the top to make sure you don’t get confused when “now” is), and we plan on staying here until we can find some land to buy.

More updates will come later!

Answering Questions About My Writing, Life, and Blog

Finally, I am up to date and all caught up with past blog posts (I had started these travel blog posts about a year and a half after we started traveling). If you hadn’t noticed, the posts I had been writing are dated at an earlier time in our RV travels. Now, when you see a post, you can be assured that it happened in the past week or so.

Now for my writing.  Some of you have been asking me if I am writing another book.  Yes, I am, but I am taking it pretty slow.  I think I have done around seven chapters, and that is only counting the rough draft (I still need to revise, edit, and proofread).  Besides, RV life is pretty busy, and I still do homeschool (of course), and I like to knit, read, write blog posts, and do other things.

I can’t tell you too much about the book, but it is going to be associated with the Holocaust and feature a very young woman and a Jewish baby.  My intended audience is teenagers.  If I had to give you a release date, I would say between around two years from now (2022 or 2023).

Also, my three brothers and I are thinking of producing our own audio drama made in our RV.  We are planning on making it a series about fantasy/fictional characters who live in a fictional world and are traveling through it.  It is supposed to be a funny audio drama, especially for children, but we’ll see how it turns out.

We Got a New Cat – Tennessee

Kayla Wong

We recently got a new cat, which Daddy and Mommy found in our truck’s engine.  She is only a kitten, and we cleaned her up and gave her medicine before letting her roam freely around our RV.  Right now, she is getting along pretty well with Julius, but she still needs to work things out fully with the dogs.

I Got a KNWBOOKS Shirt Made by a Relative


March 2020 – My aunt, Kristy Ehrenheim, made me a unique, custom shirt with the KNWBOOKS logo on it.  She created the sticker of my logo using a Silhouette machine, and I got to help.  First, we downloaded my logo.  Then, we got the machine to cut the logo out on heat transfer vinyl.  Finally, we ironed it onto the back of a white shirt (which happened to fit me perfectly).

Aunty Kristy was really fun to be with because she is creative and enjoys doing a lot of things that I do, such as crafts and music.  Thank you, Aunty Kristy, for making this shirt for me.

Beaches and Forts – Florida

On February 5, we moved to Tanglewood Gardens Mobile Home & RV Park in Brent, Florida.  It was rainy and cloudy that day.  The next day, February 6, we celebrated my 15th birthday in our RV.  We did our homeschool like usual, then I opened presents from my family, and we all had ice cream cake for dessert.

On Saturday, we went to Fort Pickens Area Gulf Islands National Seashore.  It was on a beach, and we were able to walk around the fort.  The fort was built in 1834 to defend Pensacola Harbor, and it played a role in the Civil War.

We went to the visitor center, explored the fort, and played on the beach.  The fort was big and cool.  There were stalagmites inside the fort, probably because of mineral water seeping through the roof for a long time.  There were also small tunnels and cannons.  On the beach, my brothers had fun digging giant holes in the sand.

Another day, we went to Johnson Beach, part of the national park, where we relaxed and my brothers dug giant holes in the sand.

San Juan Island – Washington

On Saturday, we went to San Juan Island by taking a ferry.  We waited in line in our truck for a while before driving onto the ferry, then we got out of our vehicle and explored the different decks and rooms of the ferry.

When we got off the ferry, we went to San Juan Island National Historical Park, an alpaca farm, a lavender farm, and a beach.

Alpaca Farm


Starting my Publishing Journey


MAY 2019

At this point of my life, I have been writing for a couple of years with the intention of one day publishing my works.  I have a small ring binder, full of college ruled lined paper, handmade separators, and a bag of pencils and notebooks.  It contains three and a half books, hand-written on the paper.  I realized that the sooner I started, the more time I would have to get known as an author, so I started thinking of publishing now.  After researching different options with the help of Mommy, I decided that self-publishing through Amazon was my best choice for now.  I got a KDP account on May 1st, a website on May 8th, and a bank account and an email somewhere in between.  

Header Image KNWBOOKS


. Publishing my books before editing and proofreading them

. Formatting my books incorrectly


. How to use the internet

. How to run a website

. How to code (a little)

. How to design a website, insert pictures, make links work, etc.

. How to format a book

. How to proofread a book

. How to design a book cover

. How to self-publish a book

. How to do research for and rewrite a book

Publishing my books before proofreading them cost me a lot.  It basically ruined my reputation as a new author, resulting in a loss of sales and interest.  However, I learned the importance of proofreading and how to properly publish a book through trial and error.  Before this, I had never really used the internet.  I didn’t even know how to search for information.  With the help of Daddy (computer expert) and Mommy, I learned how to do most of what I now know.



This is my logo.  I made it using an app on my computer called Paint.  The logo is mostly shades of blue because it is my favorite color.  The black and white represents simplicity (and also because they are some of the main colors that I wear).  The “KNW” in KNWBOOKS stands for my first, second, and last names, Kayla Naomi Wong.  I added “BOOKS” because my life is closely associated with books, and I am an author.  Mommy helped me come up with the name.  The two rectangles are a book and a bookmark.  Finally, the logo is in the shape of a circle because I prefer circles to squares because they are more gentle-looking.

The Mighty Pacific Ocean – California

San Diego CA Silver Strand

Seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time in eight or so years was amazing.  We drove to Silver Strand State Park and arrived in the pouring rain and rough wind.  Sand mixed in the rain flew everywhere, and when I was in bed, I could feel the RV shaking and swaying in the wind.

The next morning, when everything had calmed down, we walked to the beach and enjoyed it for a bit before it started drizzling.  It was cloudy and cold the whole time we were there.

San Diego CA Silver Strand
My brothers digging in the sand

We moved to Catalina Spa and RV Resort that morning, in Desert Hot Springs, California.  It was fun staying there, because they had swimming pools (some with odorless mineral hot spring water), pickle ball and mini golf.

I got to spend my 14th birthday in California at home, where we had homemade sushi (Daddy’s a great cook) for lunch.

I also got presents.  One of the best ones was a MP4 player from Mommy and Daddy, and I put a whole bunch of music on it.

Contacts – Arizona

Kayla Wong getting contacts

While in Arizona, I got contacts at a Walmart.  First, they did an eye exam on me to get an updated eye prescription.  I got shot with air in both eyes, used another machine by it, and read off an eye exam chart.  It took a few tries to get the air in correctly, since my eyes are sensitive.

Then, when the eye doctor had figured out what contacts to give me, he put numbing drops in my eyes and tried to put both contacts in my eyes.  Unfortunately, he could only get one in (my eyes were trying very hard to keep out a foreign object), so I did the other one.  Also, there was a mirror right in front of me, and when the doctor opened my eye super wide, I saw my face and couldn’t help laughing.

It took about two hours to get the other contact in, then take both out.  I learned how to keep them clean and free of particles, and the doctor gave me two trial pairs of contacts.  Contacts seemed like a miracle – like having perfect eyesight again, and not having glasses in the way.


knwbooks screenshot

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