Butterfly Metamorphosis

We got three monarch butterfly caterpillars in Michigan (I wrote about them briefly in an older post).  We named them Big Billy Buchanan, Bibimbap, and Busy Bee.  Now, here’s what happened to each one.  By the way, I don’t know the genders of any of the insects.  I am guessing.

Big Billy Buchanan was the biggest caterpillar.  He ate and grew, and eventually, he turned into a chrysalis and emerged as a monarch butterfly.  He was the first of the three to come out.  He took a while to dry, and when he felt like it, he flew out the window in Wisconsin, glided for a few seconds, then landed in the grass.  He stayed there for a few hours and left towards nightfall.

Busy Bee was the second largest caterpillar.  She ate and grew bigger, but while she was hanging upside-down, turning into a chrysalis, she died.  It was a short but sweet life.  RIP, Busy Bee.

Bibimbap was the smallest of the three.  She ate and grew, and after a while, turned into a chrysalis and became a monarch butterfly the day after we arrived in Zanesville, Ohio.  When Bibimbap emerged, she took off quickly.

Here is a slideshow of the butterflies, from when we found them on a plant in Michigan and took them home in a red plastic cup, to when they became full grown butterflies and flew away.